Help your students engage with their eTextbooks

As you will know, Kortext provides your students with digital copies of their core reading materials – but they might need a little help to get started.

This toolkit contains some useful resources you can use and share with your students to support your teaching and encourage your students to start reading their eTextbooks through the Kortext platform.

Below, you’ll find guides, videos and FAQs to support your use of the Kortext platform.

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Training Guides

The following PDF guides are available to support your use of Kortext.


These videos can be viewed here or on Vimeo.

Mobile Apps Reader

Students - See what you can do

Kortext Online Reader Video

Librarian Acquisition Portal

Kortext Analytics

Librarians - See what you can do

See what you can do with Kortext

Academic Acquisitions Portal


Digital Assets

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Social Media assets are designed for in-feed and story usage
Email Banners are designed as landscape images to 800 x 200 pixels.

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If you need help with some of the features on the Kortext platform, we're here to help. You can contact us at